Battery Pack Line Up

Li-Ion Battery

Strong power, long life, high stability battery pack for electric vehicles.

  • Excellent Stability (Samsung / LG Battery Cell)
  • Excellent Compatibility (Available for lead acid battery charger)
  • Efficient Battery Management (Self-developed BMS)
Spec.Capacity : 4Kwh
Voltage : 52V
Current : 82Ah
Capacity : 3.8Kwh
Voltage : 316V
Current : 12Ah
Capacity : 13.3Kwh
Voltage : 72V
Current : 180Ah
Capacity : 42.5Kwh
Voltage : 330V
Current : 130Ah
Capacity : 57Kwh
Voltage : 330V
Current : 130Ah
Capacity : 38.4Kwh
Voltage : 73.8V
Current : 520Ah
Capacity : 25.9Kwh
Voltage : 50.8V
Current : 510Ah
Capacity : 193.5Kwh
Voltage : 651.6V
Current : 297Ah
ApplicationYakult CartSamsung X-RayDANIGO ⅢDANIGO VANDANIGO C&TTurck-mounted spreaderSweeper Vehicleflagship

Battery Pack Technology

1. Battery Pack mechanism

  • Unit Cell : Samsung SDI Reliability & Safety Approval
  • Cell Assy : Dedicated Holder, Bus-bar applied current distribution,
  • BMS : Over Current Protection, Over Voltage Protection,
    – For safe use of battery such as over temperature protection Apply algorithm
  • Package : EMI, Vibration, Golf Cart, Near Electric Vehicle
    Application of commercialized and proven package technology

2. BMS 3 (Battery Management System)

A key role in diagnosing battery status and surrounding(vehicle)
environment and maintaining it in a constant state.
BMS ensures safe and efficient use of batteries

3. Pack Mechanism (Protection Design)

OBD (On Board Diagnostics)

  • Applied 7 inch Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Diagnostics can be recorded on Micro SD card
  • Real-time status of vehicle can be recorded on SD card
  • Can use multiple vehicles such as DANIGO 3 and DANIGO VAN within the OBD
  • BMS FW Update function available
  • Communication for USB & serial port both
  • Communication expansion possible with built-in RS232 port
  • OBD’s SW update available with PC
  • Vehicle status can be displayed graphically